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Sand Fervor

Happy Sunday, I want to thank everybody that’s waited patiently for your Greatness with Greatness interviews. It will be returning soon… As well as my collaboration writes with other lesbian writers… I had to enjoy myself, putting myself first, and working on other things to come, so thank you for waiting…

Thank you to everyone who inboxed me with genuine loving words of encouragement and for supporting my craft… I appreciate you all tremendously!!! Comments will be off on this page until I decide otherwise, but I still appreciate your support. This is about the craft and the craft only… It’s super important to me to stay away any nonsense, protecting my energy…

I’m thankful to know I have so much love and support out there beyond just liking and commenting. Thank you!!! 💋 @jeep thank you for always supporting me since day one and showing off your “Unslayable”sweatshirts… Great things to come… 💜💋

Here is a Valentine’s Day promo code (VALENTINE) for 15% off my limited time “Unslayable” collection for on everything in my shop until Feb. 15th. You can also pay in payments if you book directly from my site:

New colors have been added and I can customize to order just inbox me..

New travel blogs will be posted at the end of February on my YouTube Page: Chicago Cousins Traveling. Please subscribe… @chicagocousinstraveling

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