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Happy Tuesday evening, I hope everyone is able to stay warm with this fiery piece… Thank you all for reading my work…Have a great night! 💜💋🏳️‍🌈 #reservoir


My precious Star, I hope for my essence to be the only craving that you crave, the only love you want to hold…pouring a river into the crevices of your soul that has never been touched. Muttering my name…where your highest peak is tongued-kiss into a sweet melody of lust… I’ve purified my canal for you to stream my waves of emotional intimacy…

Where you’ll surrender into my ebony-eyed soul…falling into a sagaciously rehearsed love curse… Galloping upon your shaky fingers unleashing every bit of what you mean to me. I want to release this cask of passion upon you. Freeing the burdens of our hearts into a nostalgic intertwine, nakedly producing sensual art in the pleasure of our own slow grind…Spewing everything I emanate into your aura…Where lust mingles with love from mental stimulation that will continue to flow onward…

Arousing our palates in ponds we created from a bond x-rated… I want the privilege of you feeling my fountain of love flowing through every marrow of your soul… Watering affection from afar, now making love within our very own reservoir…

All rights reserved by Shana A. ©️


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