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Rainbow of Passion

Little Truthful Humor, it’s okay when y’all do it right!!! 🤣

I have no respect for homophobes!!!

One of the biggest issues lesbians face with men; is they blame all lesbians for their woman leaving them for another woman or that woman didn’t want him and chose a woman. Man up, this is life if she don’t want you, she don’t want you, and there’s nothing you can do about it… It’s plenty of straight women out here that want a man, bark up they tree…

A lot of us lesbians are born this way so we are not to blame if your woman left you. Some lesbians have been in the closet for whatever reasons living in fear that they loved ones won’t accept them. Unfortunately they get involved with a man they aren’t in love with. The only people to blame is these homophobes for creating uncomfortable situations.

You are not going to stop people from loving who they love, protect your mental health and find what’s best for you… If the only way you can feel powerful is by being a hateful person then you’re actually the weakest person…

This isn’t a response to anyone in particular this is addressed to all homophobes, get off my page and stay off, you’re not welcomed here…

You are never wrong for standing up for what you believe in… GAY FOR LIFE!!!


For the puppets that report what I post, to the evil hateful people I blocked, be sure to share this one… 💜🏳️‍🌈😁 #GayPride

It’s not lesbians fault that your woman sipped the rainbow of passion and left you for a woman, shake that shit off and be a man about it… By Shana A. ©️

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Passions of Love

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Don’t ever forget I’m from Chicago, Southside… I have words that cut deep with no healing for what I believe in… WE GAY AND PROUD!!!

Nice people get tired of being nice at some point, so beware!!!

Make sure you get all sides to the story before listening to a so called victim… They got blocked because of their evil hateful ass energy, simple… This my page I block who I want…


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