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Poem Readings

Few poem readings… 💜💋🏳️‍🌈 #iwonder #loveinclarity #norespect

I Wonder

I’m captivated in this wonder

Are our feelings on the same plane,

I’ve never felt this way

Floating in our own galaxy,

I’m riding love’s Milky Way

With the guidance of the moon

Hoping to land into your Neptune…

I wonder do you know

God gifted you a cultured pearl of the sea,

Invaluable in distance

You’ve become a part of the light within me,

Your water to my burning flames

I want to bask in all of your beauty

Within your artistic fashion,

Into the waves of your music…

I want your voice to be my symphony

Your hands to be a sensation of ecstasy,

Your body a playground of intimacy

Your mind my wisdom in a museum of fantasy…

I don’t want to call you a crush

I’ve ordained you as the future…

Unconcerned about other women

I know I’m the key of what you’re missing…

I’m the sun for your Neptune

You’re the breeze in my Jupiter

Together we need each other,

We’re the fruition of the universe…

I Wonder

If my thoughts are aligned with yours

If our songs will harmonize to the same chords…

I wonder

If you’re fascinated by this enigma

So we can simply fall into each other’s charisma…

I need more than the taste of love,

I need a bond unbreakable

Leading into the unthinkable…

I want to feel safe to love you

Between open and closed doors,

Across states into galaxies above…

I don’t want a little

I need more…

More than a perception

I want something worth lasting,

I want our smiles to be real

Open & honest in our feels

I want late nights intertwined

With whispers of love kissing up my spine,

I wonder

If I can fall into the depth of your desires,

Will you continue to reciprocate…as required…

All rights written & spoken reserved by Shana A. ©️


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