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Perfect Lick

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Perfect Lick

I’ve indulged in the delicacy of soul searching…

Wrapping my tongue around perfect timing,

Aspiring to be exquisite to your taste…

Measured in the right formula

Sticking to the nucleus of your heart,

Gripping the stem of love

So that it may never fall…

Swallowing the past

To amend

Caressing old wounds to transcend,

Licking slowly

Around your globe,

Framing a memory

To place in my book of fulfilled fantasies,

Wanting the moment to emit perfection…

Tantalizing our appetites

Eliminating any new cravings,

Licking until the core of inner passion erupt

Wallowing in all our flavors of love,

Rolling off the tongue

Leaving an everlasting sensation Flowing from mind to heart,

Feeding our souls the healing of completion…

I’ve been sucking on perfect timing

When I should be brimming in your ripened cherry flavor,

Letting love quench the taste we both yearn…

All rights reserved by Shana A. ©️

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