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No Respect

This piece I wrote awhile ago. If I tell you words manifest…they do, a release of old energy… Using manipulative strategies to trigger people is not cool. This is my last piece on this topic. Be happy I’m light, because I could be a beast!

We have to stop allowing narcissists to fill our minds with opinions of others. There so many things in life to do with your time… Stop focusing on what’s not focused on you!!! Respect people’s boundaries and move on!!! If you can’t love why follow them??? Protect your mental health!!! 💜🙏🏾🏳️‍🌈 #norespect

No Respect

How can I respect you

When the grace of love don’t live within you…

When it’s intimidation to see your sister rise

The only time you clap when you think she’s fallen

When manipulation is typed behind masks

Subliminals of a coward’s mindset…

If everything you exude is negative energy,

I rebuke them rays mentally…

Growing up I had everything

I attracted envy

I fought bullies face to face,

I gained respect with a handshake…

I’m matured in my energy,

Over the internet cowards don’t affect me,

My peripheral visions don’t see the foolery,

No inbox mentioned directly

A lot talk and sideeye jealousy…

How can I respect you

Woman to woman you can’t talk to me,

Your phone vibrating everytime I post

Your dm’s ping

Not one like

Who’s the joke???

I have no respect

Those fighting a war against themselves

In competition by themselves…

She’s in love with what died

Hoping for a verse to reconcile…

I have no respect

You let a diamond go

Now I see how love suppose to go,

I’m the opposite

I’m loving energy,

I’m wishing the best for those who don’t care for me…

Did nothing to them

Only exuded greatness

Walking in good karma

In art of

No respect for those who have no love…

Only cowards, fill themselves with hate to type the line of bullying over the internet…

All rights reserved by Shana A. ©️


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