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New Moon

New Moon

From the moment I first saw you, you became my moon. A moon orbited with toxicity that wouldn’t allow pure love to shine… I tried every means to reach you, but you chose to stay in the same place, watching me from a distance… Keeping love waiting…

For awhile that connection was enough, but as the days went by I grew further and further apart from you. Hoping one day the Astro plane of Love would land on your surface. I prayed many of nights hoping you’d look past the past and see the woman I’ve become. A woman of purpose matured into the worth of a twin flame love, but nothing I did was ever enough. I would have waited forever until I realized that’s not fully living… That’s not doing what’s best for me! I was thinking you’d hear the whispers of my heart and let go of negativity. To live in the moment that we wanted to be. I blamed myself on many occasions that love failed us… That this was just a season that needed to begin & end in pain… Pain that taught me, that it wasn’t me that wasn’t ready, that you still only glowed for the conformity of acceptance. For true love could never unite in that sphere of 2 dimensional thinking when my love is worthy of 5D chemistry… They say some twin flames never unite because one of them don’t take the risks needed to gravitate to each other.  I was hoping that wouldn’t be us. I held on as long as loyalty could let me, but loyalty left me lonely too many nights while you shined in another planet’s frequency. The great part about love is if you don’t get your twin flame the Universe can send you a soulmate. A soulmate that can finish the final stage of healing with love & maturity. Loving the woman I am today in trust we will never fall in the rabbit hole… See love can’t grow when boulders and craters of doubt take control. When faith isn’t put first! When I let go of the hopes and dreams, a new moon shined it’s light on me… Now with blessings and new dreams, I’m worthy of the love I can give in return… Saying goodbye to the old moon that couldn’t live free in love… With peace in my heart, I hope you move on peacefully happy with the choices that set us in different frequencies… #newmoon

💜🙏🏾💛💋 By Shana A. ©️


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