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One thing about me, I’m never the type to have a hidden agenda. I’m very real and blunt! Love has been a downfall for me because I am in fact very loving…I over love...

I’ve been the one used in my relationships. Therefore I know how that feels and it’s not cool. The reason I don’t ask for help or have expectations from people because honestly I love doing things myself. Even in my past 13 years relationship I never asked her for help or was dependent on her. In fact my ex said that was my biggest problem. I didn’t make her feel needed. I just loved her and spoiled her. I love to love. It’s how my mother raised me. It’s how my mother is.

Again you can get to know me more on my travel blogs and see my bond with my mother. I prefer you learn me from me…

We have to truly start learning people because not everybody has hidden agendas. I created this page, my poetry, my books all by myself based off love and nothing else without any help… If I was in a relationship my wife/girlfriend wouldn’t have nothing to do with my business…

I’m strategic with business and life, unfortunately not love because I love effortlessly and unconditionally…

Just a few words from my heart. Let me get back to finishing my 4th book… See y’all soon… 💜🏳️‍🌈💋


I grew up surrounded by love,

I was birthed by a heart of love…

In every relationship I was the gold,

Loving unconditionally because God blessed me spiritually…

I was raised to be independent

Therefore it’s hard for me to ever seek help,

I believe in doing things MYSELF!!!

All rights reserved by Shana A. ©️


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