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My Enigma

I think it’s so beautiful to show someone how much you want to get to know them. To not let overthinking take away the joy.

When they don’t want to hear about you from anyone else.

When she actually take the time to engage and understand the imperfections. Collecting the missing pieces that you can’t seem to figure out. Learning you from you. The start of falling in love, enter into her enigma…

Sometimes you have to remain silent to block out the noise. When your spirit is at ease your intuition leads…

💜💋🏳️‍🌈🥰 🌙 #myenigma

Fall into my enigma, there is where you’ll understand my vibrancy…

You will feel my soul

Shadowing out doubts,

You will fall into the colors of me

Landing in my method of madness

Drowning out misperception

My enigma is my uniqueness

To love my luna in both reflections…

Understanding me deeper than what could ever been seen in Chicago’s breeze, or internet streams…

To not be categorize

Or judged for not easily being seen,

I’m in my own league…

Love me for me

Seeing that you hold the only key

To enter into the beauty of my enigma…

All rights reserve by Shana A. ©️

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