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Meaning of Love

And that’s when it became harder to face you… Flashback!!!

A lot times we don’t see that our own actions is what pushed people away. Don’t be so caught up in the other person’s wrong that you become blind to your own…

The interesting thing about love is that everybody loves differently. Some may be completely different than you’ve ever experienced and that’s the beauty of rarity in love.

Before you’re quick to say someone is weird or crazy because they love differently, try learning to understand them it might fascinate you… Appreciate challenges and uniqueness versus the familiar…

Only a person that truly understand unconditional love can accept all the elements of love…

Lions fight before mating and cuddle like nothing never happen that’s how love should be, always being able to go back to the sole purpose, love.

If you want results you have to say something, no matter the connection you may have with someone, speaking your truth gives results… You can’t expect them to read you mind when you’ve given mixed signals!

Their are so many variations of love, to understand someone is one of the best forms of love…

I take pride in not trying to be like anybody else…I can’t be how anybody want me to be when I’m too happy being me…

It was when you diagnosed the root of her feelings as crazy that she realized you didn’t know the true meaning of love… By Shana A. ©️

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Passions of Love

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