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Love in Clarity

Love in Clarity

Before I give it my all,

Love needs to make sense…

My mind shouldn’t be puzzled

Searching for pieces that should be found easily…

Love comes in clarity…

In truth serum without injecting the solution,

I don’t want to wait to be claimed

Used as a pawn

When I’m the Queen of the game…

The ace in your spades,

No jokers, so again I’m Queen of the game…

Love should be exhumed…

In nights held tight,

Sleeping comfortably

Knowing love came in clarity…

Where your voice is heard days I’m lonely

In moments your thinking of me

Your voice should be therapy,

Confirmation you’re interested in my well being…

Love shouldn’t be Jeopardy,

Guessing wrong answers when the questions should come in simplicity…

Love shouldn’t be Family Feud,

Playing against surveys of other people’s opinions…

Love should be clarity,

In a vibe where I know my words are felt deeply,

That my eyes sparkle in your frequency,

My body is your yearning,

My heartbeat is your symphony,

My mind is your unity,

A transformation of energy…

Where no clues are needed

I feel your love…your interest

It’s me you adore,

With no second guesses…

I want my love in clarity,

Where the beginning starts with no ending,

I’m the winner,

Games over…in clarity…

#loveinclarity 💜🏳️‍🌈🙏🏾💋

All rights reserved by Shana A. ©️


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