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Reflective Energy

This poem is proof that energy can be reflected. If you’re feeding the world hate, discrimination & judgment etc. Don’t be surprised if that energy is returned… I’m learning we are seeing more judgment only from miscommunication. We don’t search for the WHY. We automatically assume people think the way we think. This poem could have been looked at as hate towards men. What it don’t tell you is that’s it defending those that’s been hated on…

I stand firm in what I believe in… Support your beliefs in a healthy way which don’t create hatred or hurting other people. Like this piece may have, which proves what you write can hurt people…

One of the most realest things a person can do is remove themselves from something or someone they disapprove of. It like stopping a crime before it happens. It’s okay not to like someone or a certain genre etc. As adults you are entitled to remove anything that disturb your peace. What’s not okay is to gay bash, womanize, support hate etc…

Removing any unhealthy connections is for my own protection. Setting up stronger boundaries is maintaining happiness. If a people want to spill their truth, if a person what to live in fantasies etc. It’s their life…

I can’t support people who support homophobia, stalking, manipulation or hatred of any sort. Not in 2023! That’s why I blocked those connections. Healthy connections are formed through communication. You can take a message that someone is writing the wrong way if you don’t know their mindset.

There is nothing wrong with disconnections. I think it’s healthy to know what to remove from your life. We have to stop letting our mindset be limited to living in the illusion of what’s not confirmed real or fiction. The great thing about being a writer is making up stories that are believable whether it’s with real life examples or not… We should all be doing our part in protecting humanity. Allowing people to be themselves. Just understand the energy you put out can be returned… My new book is coming in 2023… I took my time with this one… 🎉🎊🍾💋🏳️‍🌈🎉💜 #loneliness #equality #stophate #communication #loveislove #shanaa #lesbianeroticpoetry


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