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Intoxicating Dream

Updated: Mar 25

Intoxicating Dreams

I’m running from the rerun of escaping their perception of sapidity,

To deny the empyreal intoxicating dreams of loving you,

Ratifying the delusions that this nexus isn’t true…

While my dreams still show me, you…

Intoxicating to my soulful desires

Sipping champagne of your inner Babylon,

Sizzling a flavor I can’t resist…

I’m deafen to their ululations,

Living in my real feelings…

Avoiding any rejective gestures…

Laying diaphanous in the fantasy when you visit me nightly…

Inebriated off the feel of your touch,

Penetrated by the stroke of your ardor,

I’ll keep sipping the enlightenment of you to my heart,

Drunk off the components of this love…

I let you see what I want you to see… Trust I’m always good and she always watching me…💜👑🥂🏳️‍🌈🌻💋🧿😁 #intoxicatingdreams

All rights reserved by Shana A. ©️

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