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In My Mind

In My Mind

How do I unravel the intimate thoughts in my mind???

Wondering if I’m just her pawn,

Same cycle rewinding…

Playing a scene of you laying on my lap

Arms gripping my hips

Movies playing in the back

As my hands along with my words make love to the dimensions of your soul…

I’ve turned my temperature to the degree of knowing what I want,

She still crave the taste of toxicity

Afraid of the transformation of real healing,

Maybe the timeless of time has got away from me,

Stroking past midnight into my new reality…

How do I deny my wants,

When in my mind she still don’t feel the truth,

A love that is natural

Spawn in magical power

I can’t dispel the spell

How much longer will thoughts of her live here…

Do I allow the fake love that’s knocking

Waiting by a door I’m not answering,

With gifts to free my mind

Into her knight and shining armor,

How long will the bishop come in between love,

Or maybe it’s time to let it go…

I just don’t know, my mind is taking over… The heart is losing in the chess of tug of war… #inmymind 💜🏳️‍🌈🧿🙏🏾😁

All rights reserved by Shana A. ©️

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