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I Shine

Maya Angelou is my Idol… I hope anything I’ve written would touch souls as deeply as Still I Rise touched me… Nobody can compare to her greatness, rest in Heaven Poetic Queen…

Celebrate Juneteenth honoring our heritage and anyone who has paved the way for you… 💜🧿🏳️‍🌈🙏🏾🫶🏾✍🏾👑

I Shine

In leaving my legacy

I am a woman that shined

Through stolen stories

Through heartbreak and Judases trying to steal my glory…

Behind starry eyes I faced betrayal

I wondered was it my love for women that fueled men???

How does love is love tarnish you

Fading the colors of a rainbow to blue

In darkness that exhume you…

In the waves of the seven seas

I’ve been naive

Behind horizons that tried to make me bleed

Unparalleled faith undefined

As the sun, I still shined…

Between the thickness of my thighs

The plumpness of my swag

Against your beauty standards

Peppermint melts between my gap

With a crooked tooth

I shine in verses of my truth

I use to…wonder, as darkness haunted

What did I have to do to shine???

Hide my truth,

Twerking cheeks to grab attention

Put on a clown nose or recite the same scriptures,

spit fire with my lines

Falling into the abyss of their dimension…

Is my authenticity intimidating???

Was my leadership too eliminating???

My kindness too inviting

A woman standing alone

Dry from waterfall cries

In no regrets…I shined…

Was it my feisty ego that threaten you?

I can only be me

Each sacrifice I made a completion

Rewards dressed in rainbows

Alluding lavender storms after depletion…

You can shoot your fire of lies

Not support my hierarchy

Blind me with your deviled eyes

Block the glare of the sunrise

Still I will always shine…

Did my eroticism unsettle you?

A demisexual celibate lesbian

I’m withholding golden roses

Only the right woman’s petals can entice sexual poses…

With all the darkness you framed

Discovery of faulty skeletal remains

I shined in

Their twisted truth to block fame

I shined…uncaged…

Turning the volume down of opinionated peers

I shined

Stepping away from the thoughts of fear

I shine,

Letting the sun be my energy

To continue to rise authentically…

With new love in my heart

Even when darkness confines

I will always shine…

Everything is written by Shana A. ©️

All rights reserved by Shana A. ©️


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