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The things that maybe some people insecurities, I’ve learned to love and won’t change to fit in or be perfect…

Some people can’t accept the truth because the truth makes them feel uncomfortable for their fucked up behavior.

How can people heal if they’re judged for speaking their hearts or truths…

The true narcissists will find everything wrong in what someone do and sociopaths have no care of the damage they inflict…

Allow people to be human. It’s okay to be mad at what others have done to you, it’s okay to speak your truth, it’s okay to want change, sometimes the truth hurts. That don’t mean the truth shouldn’t be spoken.

One important thing to know, when you hurt people it can come with repercussions… Because we are human and responses of passion happens… that’s called being human…

You have people who are blamed for being toxic just for being their true self. We are not meant to be perfect, I whether be toxic in my truth then to dehumanize myself living in a fake “perfect life.”

It’s important to know who has your back on your good and bad days…

On vacation until Oct. 16th, protecting my peace… I’ll post some pictures in the later part of my travel. Right now my focus is finishing my book and working on my business plans.

Y’all have a great day and I pray you allow people to live in their truth instead of always finding away to dehumanize or discredit them… 💜🙏🏾💋 #Human


I have a voice

I have a right to speak my truth

I have a right to respond to my frustrations

I have a right to battle narcissistic behaviors…

I been a victim because I am human

and I’m not here for approvals,

I have a heart that loves

I have a soul that yearns

I have passion that breathes fire

I have the right to fight my own battles,

I’m not perfect

Yet, I’m not dehumanizing myself to make people comfortable…

I love being a size 14/16

I love not having perfect teeth,

I love I can change my look

I love that I am human… By Shana A. ©️


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