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How Bad

How bad

À quel point me veux-tu?

Will I feel the intensity when I approach you,

Is your soul yearning my sultry vibrations…enthralling you…

Be my first, make love to me with words

Allowing our actions to later be exposed,

Insanely in love…

Are your hands anxious to feather my figure…

Will your butterflies swarm to the sweetness of my ovule,

Am I your pleasant addiction

The fix, that flood your senses…

Is my vibe the adrenaline rushing you

Am I the desiring passion floating your subconscious

Craving my honeydew, in blissful warm weather…

Is your heart pounding an orchestra

To lure me in closer,

Tell me,

À quel point me veux-tu?

Does it anger you…I’m not next to you

Are you wet for me in calm waters

Or explosive like a tsunami heading to border…

Tell me, am I the flame of your obsession…

The single rose blooming in your garden

The moon’s fascination…

Pull me closer

Tell me…how bad do you want me…

Happy New Year, think of me as I think of you… #howbad 💜💋🥂🎉🏳️‍🌈

All rights reserved written and spoken by Shana A. ©️

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