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It’s been awhile since I last seen you,

Wasn’t quite how I envisioned...

My mind been placidly holding my feelings inside, and today is the day I want to say hello…

Your vibrations magnetized to my focal point…an oscillating aesthetic…

I don’t just want to see you walking by staring as if you’re naked… Can I stop and say hello??? Will that be too forward to deeply engage in your mental…

I’m hoping hello will move us onward,

I’ve heard through vines and streamlines you’re worth getting to know…Your greatness is my heart’s exploration…

My soul feel as though I know you,

Still there’s so many things I don’t know of you…

My soul requires more to this lovestory,

My passion and your passion stepping to love outside of the dance floor,

I want to know your accomplishments to your failures,

Your up climb from downfalls,

Your dreams still hopeful,

Your interests nobody knows of…

I want to know your favorites foods

What you sleep in or is it nude,

What’s on you mind when you awake,

What burdens do you put to rest when you sleep,

What you taste like after marination,

What your hair feels like in grabbing passion…

I want hear your voice everyday

Electric soundwaves from my heart to my brain,

I want to share my thoughts, desires and secrets

Only if you listen…

I want to connect so intensely

I can feel when you want to see me…

I don’t want be a burden or too clingy,

You’re on my mind frequently

It’s blantly obvious

I find nobody else interesting…

Will Hello give my heart the peace I’ve been yearning???

Today, I’ll be brave and say hello to my inner reflection, my next direction…Today I’m speaking to true love…without fears of my imperfections…

I’m not on here to grab nobody’s attention, but yours. {Twin flame} I’m not just writing words I’m giving you my soul… 💜🏳️‍🌈💋 #hello

All rights reserved by Shana A. ©️


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