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Heavenly Creation

Updated: Nov 23, 2023

Have a Happy Holiday to all the beautiful hearts that are full of love… Its almost Sagittarius Season my Sagittarius Queens, turn up… Turn anything that comes your way into motivation. New poetry coming in 2024! 💜🏳️‍🌈♐️💋 #HeavenlyCreation

Heavenly Creation

If I quench your thirst with the throes of my heart, inebriating you off the pain you caused, will it convey change???

I’ve convinced myself of the spurious notion that you could never love me. This abstruse feeling when my heart is telling me different. What do I believe is the battle I’m fighting within me…

Can manipulation be the gateway drug that kept my pen inking..? Did I immerse myself in my own blind lies or is this the revelations of acoustic love???

I want to fall into the translucency that we are meant to be… Ignoring the demons who influenced us we could never be… Those who cringe at the sight of lesbians living happily…

Why can’t we just let love be, without the war of overthinking… Tying doubt to a rock, throwing it into the ocean. Where it becomes opaque and our love is the only thing worth happening…

Can I release this burden into your arms for comfort. Will love begin without the possessions of non-factors… Help me heal in the abyss we created. Shining light upon our heavenly creation…

Love You 💜

Shana A. ©️


All rights Reserved by Shana A. ©️


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