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One thing I take pride in is my integrity… Your writing should be unique to you, your mood, and lifestyle… To be a versatile writer takes practice and patience just letting your pen flow…but you don’t need to use AI to help you write…

Let it flow naturally even on the edited versions… Don’t allow a robot to be your creative flow… It’s insulting to the craft!💜🏳️‍🌈💋

Still on a poetry break but I’m seeing so much fake shit…

All right reserved and written by Shana A. ©️

Her love is the throb in my noggin

The tango of passion dancing with my soul…

Soon as I’m ready to let go

Her love bangs at my door…

Heart beating to beats I’m making,

Songs sung to lyrics I’m writing…

Ghetto love

Where my prince where a sport bra,

Letting me lick her petals on the heart of the Southside…

She’s my heart and my pain,

I won’t give it up

Letting love die in vain…

I’m going insane,

Waiting for the day you become my rain…

Free styling tonight… 💋 Shana A. ©️💜


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