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Everywhere I Go

Updated: Oct 8, 2023

Everywhere I Go

Hollowed amongst the sweet essence of paradise,

I can’t seem to escape

This invasion

The persuasion of love,

holding on to my every pinnacle,

A love that’s lineal…

Time can’t get away from me

The correspondents will be centennial…

Her touch of lucid ambition

Imprinting romance as a spectral of true love’s existence,

In every fashionable ensemble,

She’s making love to my hips,

Softly massaging my skin

In every quintessence I’m bathe in…

It’s you, my dream come true

I reflect your smile, elated in nonchalant charm

Indulged in every verse inscribed,

I breathe you with every breath

I see you within every step

Even in the moments of abstinence,

Everywhere I go

Your shadow is among me…

You’re all I feel

Hear & see

Your voice rolling in harmony

Wet dreams crashing a symphony,

Intuition drumming an erotic beat…

The only shadow in the light I want beside me,

I whether fly solo,

Until the cosmos

Delight my manifestations in a sand trail of photos…

Everywhere I go

Through…everything I do,

Its all composed of you…

All rights written, reserved and spoken by Shana A. ©️


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