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Embedding My Soul

Updated: Sep 16, 2023

Embedding My Soul

I’m just gone let it flow…Like birds flying south in a pattern…rhythmic…migration of love…

Your love’s embedded in my soul…

I can’t escape the galaxy of my heart’s abode,

It’s a strangulation of denial of love,

With every part of me,

My soul loves you…

Which is why most days I try to hate you, sending fucks given with silent love notes, only you can feel…

In moment of my erratic feels…

Between the middle finger lies anxiety, letting you know this is real…

Knowing the universe only want me to love you,

I hold back the words refusing to fight in your battle of love,

Letting silence build in passion…hoping actions heal with satisfaction,

Laying the notes down to the floor, hoping your courageous enough to enter my door…

I revisited your world, with only a slight moment of love,

I disappeared hoping for more,

Waiting, for your savage knocks at my door…

Entering a universe of love,

Yet, you’re scared to love…

You’re scared to feel total happiness,

Late nights of erotic passion,

Screams of multiple orgasms,

The magic of our love dipping from our lips

Tasting the depths of sensuality,

With healing that erase the past trilogy

Into days of begging for more,

For I am the remedy,

to your soul…

Let’s face it, you’re afraid of this love,

The mere fact we’re embedded into each others soul…

Finally something you can’t control,

You love me, your secret exposed…

I punish you in droughts of abstinence,

A cycle of our love gone captioned…

It’s all on you now my love… 💜🏳️‍🌈😁💋

All rights reserved by Shana A.©️

Everything is written from Shana A. soul…

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