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I sit against this window

To doze in hypnosis

Where my fears become a hero…

Where doubts & expectations fly out the window

The flames enkindled…

The pane entered to telepathic rhythm

Feeling your soul nibble my center…

Rays of thoughts answering my heart

Where actions become the work art,

Dreamland tangled in hopes

To walk amongst the shackles that choked…

To stare my beloved in the face,

Even if it reign in pain

Worth the fantasy that awaits…

This seal hold the reflections of the future

Daydreaming tidal waves of ambitions

To take the entrance to love…through the pathway of this window… By Shana A. ©️

Artwork Kymistry

@kymberly1985 is one of the most talented artists I admire on here. When she posted this image I just had to let my thoughts spill out… Thank you Kym for allowing me to write to your work and I got many many more to write to… I truly appreciate you and all your love and support… 💜💋🏳️‍🌈🙏🏾🪟 #Dreamland

Follow me on TikTok @shanaapoetess more videos coming soon…

Purple Flames: Inferno of Poetry &

Passions of Love

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