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Difficulty is Me

I’ve always been my own muse I was just blessed with a twin flame too… I will never be an easy lover, or easy person to understand… You have to communicate with me properly to learn me and for me to learn YOU… 💜©️✍🏾🏳️‍🌈💋 #difficultyisme

Difficulty is Me

My only crime committed, I’m hard to love…

I didn’t use to be this way at first,

I gave, gave and gave…until I got tired of being played…


My boundaries higher than the Oval,

Everybody suspicious until everything locus,

Give me space, so I can refocus…

I like solitude until I summons you…

No sex until I emotionally feel you,

Then my sex drive on overdrive keep up with me,

I get bored easily,

That superficial life… just not for me…

Difficulty is me,

Feed my fire…I can blow brutal bold truths

Burning the center of your cerebral

Saying things I don’t mean, to feel the wrath of your own fires…

Difficulty is me,

I hate nonsense…some days full of it…

Mentality, approach me directly…before secretly competing,

Let me know you exist

Otherwise, it don’t agree with my energy,

Let the “slayage” be fair…to channel my frequency…

Difficulty is me…

My guilty sins, I smoke as much weed as Snoop

My euphoric pleasure

Burning fire in pages,

Loving women that hoop…

Difficulty is me…

Preserving myself for the right woman,

I’m not perfect…I’m hard to love

Setting boundaries…filtering for true love…

Difficulty is me…

Difficulty is me…

Difficulty is me…

All rights reserved & spoken by Shana A. ©️

My own music copyrighted

Lesbian Erotic Poetry


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