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Updated: Mar 25

Truth is a gift… Not for you but the other person! You can never go wrong being honest. That may help someone’s closure. Always tell the person you love how you feel. Also, be careful what you throw away and take for granted… You never know if you’ll need that person later in life.

See y’all next week I’ll be doing all live promos, readings and book updates. I’ve been working so hard, sorry I haven’t been active.

Thank you for those who are loyal and supporting our LGBTQ Authors in a positive way… We need all your support this isn’t easy to write books and share our passion publicly… Have a great day! #Comfort 💜🌻🌙🏳️‍🌈🙏🏾💋


Love me in the comfort of communicating your heart,

From the soft sound of your voice

To your truth being exposed…

Into nights you scream my name in passionate erotic moans…

On rainy days

Call on me to be your sun,

As we lay in comfort into crescent charm…

Allow me to be feed your wants…

On rainy days

Be comfortable to let go of fear

Knowing my heart is your heart

Even in distance I’m near…

Cherishing your whole being

Comfortable when you’re here,

Never second guessing

I’m the only one for you,

In the comfort of your arms

Holding me dear…

Watering Flames available now

Check part one Purple Flames Inferno of Poetry first

Link in my Bio

All rights reserved by Shana A. ©️

Art by Robin Eisenberg


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