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Collaboration with The Speakingbox Love Enters

Stud and Femme vibes…Collaboration with @thespeakingbox 💜💋🔥🏳🌈 #l#loveenters

Love Enters

Welcome to Stud Row,

Baby you’ll love it here.

Where I stimulate your mind,

While I make your clothes disappear.

Love enters here. Speaking life into you,

Into places you didn’t know exist.

Call me your lil’ baby,

Cause when I lay the pipe, I promise I won’t miss.

I want to be the one you trust,

With your heart, mind, body and soul.

Baby just let your guard down,

And let me make you whole. By TheSpeakingBox

Sweet, nostalgic compulsions of hope

Pounding the spirit of my heart,

Feeling your vibrations knocking

Rocking…slowly through every feminine part of me,

Awakening me into my nightly visions of loveliness…

You…yeah you,

Making me trust you,

Coercing my fears into answering

Letting you sip the passion I’ve been fantasizing,

Inebriated in love winning over doubting,

Your dreads wrapped into my lustful fantasies

Boobs compressed,

Calming me into soulful tribbing…

Nourishing my heart in mutual understanding,

I hear your knocks with the beat of my heart,

Pulling me closer

Allowing the faith of love to enter… By Shana A. ©️

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All Rights Reserved by Shana A. & TheSpeakingbox

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