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Happy Saturday, You have a choice to follow hate, or lead in love… I’ve realized in life hurtful people are really hiding behind masks and they can’t accept or watch other people be happy. They will go through great lengths to manipulate people to follow their thought process. Misery loves company!

They’ll tell other people’s stories, they’ll lie/cheat because they’re not courageous enough to live in their own truths… They hide behind fake pages or several masks manipulating people…Understand these things come with repercussions, those hurt people are living a turmoil of karma because of the hurt they’ve caused others. Stop following that train of thought. It’s not cool lying on people, turning people against people, stalking people etc…

I continue to pray for people who are suffering in silence…

If you truly like seeing people happy and want that happiness in your life than you have to surround yourself with happiness… Check out my new vlog and see the bond between me and my mother… Next up my birthday celebration vacation… This one is one for the books as my wife find her way to me… 💜🏳️‍🌈😁💋 #power #happiness #leader #shanaa #lesbianeroticpoetry


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