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Changes in my Colors

Changes in my Colors

Within time,

I embrace the colors of me

Laying amongst white sheets…

In rainbow dreams of she…

Unfiltered being free…

No makeup depleting my shine,

Shades dipped in darker pigment

Blessed in a spiritual tanned not of figment…

A Queen never truly fall down

Even with lying blows to the crown

My jewels set in position

Polished to my imperfections,

In every tick of the clock

I reformed in the tock,

Cringing the eyes of the untanned,

Bronzed to change in illumination…

Every hue of my glimmer

Proactively created change,

Accepting only the love perfect for my frame…

As a woman, I changed

To not bow to prove my worth,

In my caramel essence to golden copper bliss

I fell in love with me

Expelling what don’t fit…

Escaping the spawn of lies

No tears to dry,

Darkness tried to pull me under

In every shade of light I pulled myself forward,

Filtering away witches spells

Watching warts of them warp in farewell,

I transformed into the woman

I was meant to be

Escaping lover’s birdcages

Now flying free…

In my cinnamon to cocoa complexion

I wait for what’s befitting for me…

Changing interests and distorted promises

Goddess is me,

Standing in my skin

Entitled to change…in every color of me, I win…

Happy International Women’s Day…💜👑💋🏳️‍🌈 #changesinmycolors

All rights reserved by Shana A. ©️


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