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Happy Friday, energy is everything…

Looks do absolutely nothing for me, but you might get a like… Those little things mean a lot to me… Making a woman feel wanted… Even when I act like I don’t notice it… Have a great weekend and week ahead… 💜💋🏳️‍🌈🙏🏾


I came close…

To letting you turn forbidden to destiny

Distracting prolonged intentions,

Hoping to give me

The love I deserve

In nightfall sessions,

It seem too risky

To let you invade

On my spiritual awakening,

Changing the tune of my beat

Writing me love letters,

Letting the line ring

To hear hello,

Annoyed of dead air,

Persistence overload…

How dare you

Serenade my heart with love

Showing me the beauty

Of being wanted,

Taking my no’s as possibilities

My procrastinations as eventually,

Waiting outside my house

Ringing my doorbell

At the right time

Just to see me,

The nerve of you

To observe my liken…

Knowing my wants

Without being told

Dialing my number

When my soul need to release,

Feeling my heart

In distance between us

With no clear path

That we’ll be together,

The audacity of you

To have faith

That I’ll give you a chance anyway…

All Rights Reserved by Shana A. ©️


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