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Burnt Paragraphs (B.E.T)

Burnt Paragraphs (B.E.T)

Disenchanted in us…Bet will be my only response…

Our kismet impaired beyond what the eyes can see

Diluted in pages of esoteric love…yearning to burn what wasn’t & what was…

So many words piled from my heart

Ignored with no response…

A nexus tied to what’s not available

Pages became untranslatable…

Heart sparking a blaze, burning each and every page…inflammable to the past,

To live in love today…so I lit the gas…

I use to write paragraphs out of love for you

Now all I can say is “BET” to you…




Heart broken because you knew it could be…abandoned by my true love…thee…

Burnt paragraphs created my new response,

B.E.T…the only words I can subdue

Fear contaminated the mind and intuition

Leading love to what’s simple,

No more trying to obtain your attention…

No hate but my love for you burnt between the pages,

My only response is “Bet” keeping things facile…

Burnt paragraphs of my heart singing

No more intricate love clinging,

Slowly the paragraphs burn, bringing real love along…moving from where you left me, escaping through the flames of our burnt pages… By Shana A. ©


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