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Black Moon

🤣She probably the only one that get this one and my Chicago peeps... Find the blessing in every situation… I’m thankful… This new moon energy is sacred, vibrate high in it… 💜🌙🌑🌕👑🏳️‍🌈💋♐️

Black Moon

Dressed in all black,

Cottage Grove introduced sacred love at first sight…

Enthralled by your winsome smile

Hypnotized into those sexy brown eyes…

I thought the night was gone be wack

There you was dressed in all black,

Black moon,

In leopard I observed

Attitude, If she a “G” she for me,

Bleeding red & black

You played it cool with your Foster Park energy…

At first, I thought you wasn’t feeling me,

We became each other mood like dopamine synergy…

My new hue…souls tight like glue…

My Black moon

It started in front of the Grand Ballroom,

Putting rare sapphic love on the map

Gave me ambition bringing all my passion back,

Blessings in disguise…I’m on track

Priceless connection…allured in black…

All rights reserved by Shana A. ©️

Lesbian Erotic Poetry


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