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Beams of Love

Beams of Love

I shine like beams in darkness,

Within totality

My soul relieved of burdens,

In times of comparison,

Everybody loves drama,

I’m sitting in my own planet,

Creating dreams into reality…

My soul yearns to love her

In the heat of the sun…No fear

To smell Southern roses

My journey filled in their noses

On me tasting the fruits of God’s nature

Their hearts cold as glaciers…

I refuse to let darkness pull me from above

By distractions

Slaying them with my words…

I’m like J Cole,

It drains me spiritually

I’m high frequency

I can’t let these distractions get the best of me…

I’m blocking the bad energy

Saying I’m moving too quickly,

When only words have manifested from me…

What is wrong with this world

Why aren’t they satisfied with love???

They say I’m chasing sexy

Instead what’s coming directly

They said wait for what’s good for my heart

But she’s alluding my art…

What they want for me

I’m not interested

It’s not for me

I don’t see it…

My soul already chose it’s direction,

It not about chasing perfection,

Can I be me?

Loving who I want

Happy and Free,

Keep your judgement

I “ain’t” listening…

My soul chose who to love…I’m authentic,

Let me love,

Locked solid in my own planet,

Where hate is not invited…

The southern waves has called my soul’s attention… I know a-lot people don’t like to read. As an Author I will always encourage you to read more. It’s essential!!! I’m choosing love or hate and opinions… I will love who I want, how I want! 💜🏳️‍🌈💋☀️ #beamsoflove

All rights reserved By Shana A. ©️


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