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Anti Perfection

Updated: Aug 13, 2023

My sister Werd Werk Da Poet is amazing… She gave me a few beats to play around with as I create…

I’ve adopted her as my new Producer🤣 She’s creating “Shana” beats and send them to me effortlessly. While also teaching me how to make my own beats and adjusting them to my liking. That’s real love and collaboration… We are just getting started sis, thank you so much!!! it is a true blessing to work with you… 💜🏳️‍🌈💋 #antiperfection

Written and Spoken by Shana A. ©️

Music beats Produced By Werd Werk Da Poet- Starla Carr

Anti Perfection

Give that me

Anti perfection

Anti perfection

Give that me

Anti perfection

Don’t bore

Me with perfection,

Be the thunder

In my

Amethyst storm,

Overlooking dinner

Tie me to

The rails

Of my seat…

Don’t waste words

With what

You think

I want

To hear…

Don’t bore me

with peace,

Disrupt my life

In spontaneous visits,

Spinning my

Midnights into

Passionate adventures,


In our hours

of confidentiality,

Hugging me with

Your most dirtiest


Your unworthy

Desires haunting

Your spirit,

Kiss me

With your fears,

The hunger

You prey

To unleash

Upon me,

Pull me

Deeper, deeper

Into your

Wet burning passion

To release

Between my thighs

Curing the

Pain of yearning…

Stroking my

Cries of distance

With words

Gone unmentioned…

Let my moans

Sing in

High pitches,

Releasing anger

in my

Dark tunnel

of erotic fulfillment…

Don’t bore

Me with perfection,

I want the

Darkness that

Compliments the

Light in my heart…

Give that me

Anti perfection

Anti perfection

Give that me

Anti perfection

Anti perfection

Light my heart with your darkness… ©️


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