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All Weather Love

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All Weather Love

My feelings…I can’t explain

It’s the intensity of a 5 category hurricane…

My nerves are swarming in an inner cyclone

Your vibrancy enraptured in the heat of my sun,

I’m ready to love you all night long…

I want you to understand me and not judge me,

I don’t want bad weather of energy,

I want a slow groovy sensual storm

In the patience of the solace of love…

So we can survive tornadoes that touchdown from the beauty of our rain

We will stand still in frozen wind chills,

Frolic in the essence of serene spring breeze,

It’s this current weather inside me

I fear what I feel

I don’t want to get burned by volcanic lava of feelings

I want to love you on calm seas,

Far away from tsunamis…

The love I need is you

In perfect weather away from love’s blues…

All rights reserved by Shana A. ©️


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