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Your Piece

“It’s okay to fight for someone who loves you. It’s not okay to fight for someone to love you” ~unknown

Once upon a time there was a KQween that wanted two women to fight for position. Here’s one Queen side of the story: When I think about the foundation of the type of relationship I want; I want the magic of our love to become a story transformed from lifetime to lifetime. I don’t want it to be built off fighting to prove I am worthy.

I want our love to be built off loving me before you felt the softness of my sun-kiss skin, the warmth of my marrow, and the wetness of my tongue caressing all of your layers…

I want to be the Queen you know you want next to you just from the vibe of my frequency. The woman that make you feel powerful, the woman that light up your smile. The woman that can hold things down when hustle droughts come around. I don’t want a love surrounded by scams that come back in karmic rebounds…😉

I want you to believe and have faith with every part of your soul that I’m the missing piece of your puzzle… In all my years of putting puzzle pieces together, they never fought to fit in a place that wasn’t theirs… If it don’t fit, it can’t fit!!!

I want our story to consist of just you & I, not off shallow expectations, or pipe dreams that may never hit millions. Whether we’re rich or just making it, I want the power of our love to keep us together. Keep us afloat, even on days when get on each other nerves. I want a love where you never have to fantasize of another woman or questioning whether you made the right decision. I want more than being a popular couple or a checklist that was created without the real basis of love. I want adventure and romance that keep the fire of life lit within us…

I want to grow old, reflecting that we fell in love simply by the magic of our smiles, the rhythm of our hearts and the passion that gazed back at the moon. I  want meaningful, beyond business, a love with a unique story… Not teenage cat fights, unrequited chases or taking score of who wins your heart. Only genuine love, me being the only piece to fit your puzzle… Shana A. ©️ #shanaa #lesbianeroticpoetry


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