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Walk of understand

Walk of Understanding

I want to stroll into each other’s understanding, baby walk with me… While the dew of the rain awaken us into the reality that it will always be you and me… Our souls have made a choice we can’t defeat…

I want to see beyond our reflections, while our hearts rain in love…

How can I tell you I need you

Without assumptions of ulterior motives,

I only want to love you…My desires are to please you

Kissing your body in passion, relieving any muscle spasms…

I don’t want to move on without you,

How can I forget the flames you sparked in my soul, how do I move on???

Understand me…

I’ve been angry…

You’re still not next to me,

This path has been awaiting our calling,

Will you hear me??

Or will the moods continue to swing in the breeze of vexed confusion

With purple passion falling in the mist

Instead upon your lips…

Dissecting when you should be caressing my emotions

That yearn for your touch, your truth, and the fears you hide

I want to know your thoughts before you lay down to rest your eyes…

I want to be the one there to stop any tears, to help conquer any battles that come near…

Understand me,

You’re the only thing I’m missing,

Loving you is the only thing I’m seeking Making everlasting memories of your taste on my lingua in the mornings…

Rain your love upon me

Walk with me,

Trusting this journey of love

Into blessings of understanding… By Shana A. ©️


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