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Happy Monday, You never know what a person is defending… When we think about a lot of the great leaders that step up to promote change, they were all looked at as being troublemakers…

Someone has to be the one that speak what needs to be said. If no one is fighting for change and taking risks things will remain the same…

It’s just like confronting a bully. If you never do it, you most likely will continued to be bullied…

This generation is different from previous generations. Sometimes it takes serving someone a dose of their own medicine for them to see their wrongs… The person pointing the finger and quick to judge is not always right… Be mindful of the bandwagons you hop on…

If speaking up for myself to defend my self and others is the villain. I’ll proudly be that villain…

We will never be able to please everyone…💜

The one labeled as the villain might actually be the one bringing change to those blinded by their own madness…

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