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Vibe of Questions

Vibe of Questions


It’s time I put my vibe on you…

Sit on this bench in the rain and just vibe with you,

Can we agree to disagree over the issues that bleed?

Can I confess my feelings without judgment or intermission?

Will you be able to protect me from the homophobic fangs

That want to tear my body to pieces knowing that I only love women…

Will you feel the chills crawling up the back of your neck once I approach you…

Will you smell the familiar cool waters before I’m next to you?

Is this vibe I’m feeling connected to you?

Are you craving my presence as much as I want to bask in your essence?

Let this bench be our truth…

Isolated from the news

Tone deaf to the blues,

Revel in the views of our city

Bringing love back to our city,

Leading by example

Showcasing true love

Feeding our community with answers,

Confessions, expose the truth…

In muted words

I knew you fell for me,

Not for the material

For the meaning of love…

Can I tell you how loving you harmonically enlightens my spirit

Your fire burn through mines

To a degree that keep us entwine,

You marvel in patience while I play these crazy love games?

Like kitty, avoiding what’s right in front of me not coming out to play…

Abandoning tons of unanswered questions

It’s time to walk with me…we need these answers…

Let’s sit by the fountain, while the water splash us seeking these answers…

Our love is the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow,

The rain will stop in the vibe of answers,

My hands don’t have to feel you to love you,

My eyes tell our love story…

I’ve been loving you for centuries,

Back when our souls first intertwined

In every life

Reconnecting in magic at first sight…

We are the acoustic lesbian love,

An imperfect love story

To love without fearing the unknown,

To love without understanding

I’m ready to surrender my truth

Vibe high in these questions,

Allowing…this bench, to reveal the answers… By Shana A. ©️

A bench can hold a lot of answers…Happy strawberry moon, let’s have a great summer! Love depletes hate…💜🙏🏾🏳️‍🌈💋 #VibeofQuestions

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*I don’t own the rights to the music played* song: Vibez Dior


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