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Darling if you only knew looking at you helped stopped a blood bath of words in my defense, you’re already good for me…

I’ve matured so much… I’m in the spirit of being kind not ugly… Blessed in my Shein to Akira and now my Saks on my way to work…😄💜 #unity

P.S. My friend that resembles my character Ace actually looks like the cover… In my video in Vegas I talked about her there before the book was even written…


We’re unity

Likes leaves bringing symphony to trees

For a tree wouldn’t be beauty without the color of leaves…

We’re Unity

Like 90’s music, your feeding my soul,

From tapes to cds we’re lyrics to songs ranked more than gold…

We’re Unity

Within a frequency your abs calling me to lick a poem,

Sexual seduction through optics formed…

We’re Unity

Like a comb through your kinks

My hands will untangle essence making love to your mind before we hit the sheets…

We’re Unity

Between a rainbow through states

Our union is a sapphic pot of colorful love that awaits…

All rights reserved by Shana A. ©️

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