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Difference; I follow women to support them, some followed me to compete and comparison. We not the same!!!

I can no longer love those who don’t love me… I can’t fall in love with someone who is ONLY attracted to outer beauty, an image, or materialistic things. I can only fall in love with how you treat me, how your soul feels, your mindset, how you carry yourself, it’s so much more than just a body… Which is why I don’t show my body off much… I love realness!!! It’s not many like me out here and I love that about me… I’m loving on me, and what’s for me is only for me…

I will always be proud that I’m not a woman that lives in comparison to the next woman… I’ve embrace all my uniqueness and flaws. What’s for me is for me and I don’t compete for it… I don’t conform! I’m a woman of my own power and definitely not watching another woman in comparison!!! I’m happy with me and that’s all that matters…

If you won her she was yours all along… Got to get your mind and soul right mami!!! 💜🏳️‍🌈🙏🏾 #uniqueness


I’ve embraced the flaws of God’s natural essence, I fell in love with my own uniqueness to not live in comparison, I’m a Goddess that spun light from darkness, I’m a talent of healing from pain unwarranted…

I broke away from spells, judgment and acts of bitterness,

To be a woman walking in my divine elegance…

I don’t fight for love

Love is drawn to me,

It’s my soul of rarity that makes me the Queen of uniqueness…

All rights reserved by Shana A. ©️


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