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Unblocked Heart

Unblocked Heart

Layers built…

Blocking the warmth of love, fenced by cold bricks,

A wall of protection

Blocking the entrance to my loving heart…

Wanting to live in the privacy of love’s peace

Wanting the past to be deceased…

Wall haunted by thieves…

Layers of bricks built in pain’s cement,

A high wall for overthinking

Inconsistency…no longer speaking,

Full protection but blockage

The visibility to love’s future, unseen with high security,

Barricaded by layers of self made bricks

I held the key, too stubborn to set myself free…

Another layer built, blocking all frequency,

No communication, no longer dreaming,

I stood still in hope to find a woman strong

enough to remove every layer built before me,

I closed my eyes to breathe, I let go and I released,

My soulmate came, no need of a key

She set my heart free,

Helping me to see my own reflection, unblocked mirrors

A voluptuous Queen with curves of perfection, admired imperfections…no longer in need of protection

Removing each brick, determined to enter,

She invigorated the smell of real roses

Unblocking my perceptive senses from roses of fake love, she became the soil of my love garden…

Knowing what I needed without uttering words, feeling my needs…providing without speaking,

Every brick disintegrated…Unblocked heart…

She broke me free from holding myself captive, freed by love…accepting to new possibilities…

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