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Twisted Obsession

Twisted Obsession

Laying here snuggled in the warmth of a bucolic scenery…smiling, enjoying the twist and turns of our habitual episodes. Reflecting the day when I publicly asked a question in a room filled with thousands. The question was intended for only you to answer. To my surprise you rapidly responded, my soul calling you… I asked, “What is the strongest connection; mental, physical or emotional”… You responded, “mental.” Mental was the answer I was seeking… I was the cynosure of your mind, the beginning of something special…

So many days I twisted my mind into an illusion that this love can never be, emotions caught up in a funnel of confusion. Thinking our love would be swept away into an abyss of toxicity that true love is nonexistent. Until that day…It was confirmation that the torrent I was predicting was a tornado of soulmate energy. Yet I would’ve been your quiet after the storm, taking you above the clouds caressing your ruptures in gentle touches with sweet breezes in a rainbow of sunshine, with my loving…

The actuality was confirmed, that true love is present…worth preserving so I began my journey to fight in an unusual way. I never would have imagine our love transcending into a twisted obsession all followed from a rejection or was it my insecurity (giving up) because I needed to love me. You being my twin flame, self love is the hard lesson you taught me. Why I’ll always love you, why I’m patiently waiting to see the conclusion, I refuse to not listen to my soul this time. You are a want, a need, my charming obsession… Don’t give up on me!

It’s tough loving the same person, we’re both waiting for the other to expose us. Accepting the truth that a misconnection turned into both of our obsessions, high off each other’s energy. So many nights I slept peacefully knowing I can feel your presence, even when the wind is shaking trees I remained sleep knowing you have love for me. Yes! I get mad I don’t have you that’s when my actions spiral…

I received every alert to lead us in the same longitude & latitude. I didn’t want to weather the storm of watching you not next to me…I just might have to. Our souls are magnetically entwined, you will forever find me even when I try to hide. Even in new lifetimes it will be you and I. We can’t leave each other alone no matter how hard we try. Deep down we both know a piece of us is missing, not in completion. I’m tangled in thoughts as to why we haven’t accepted it, we can’t avoid this beautiful disaster, created by the nature’s of heaven. We’re forming more damage trying to fake it. For a long time you was my perfect stranger, until I realized my soul knew you before our physical encounter.

Unpredictable love has touch down on both of us. I’m ready to be lost in the unthinkable and get caught in letting our emotions flow. Feel your love penetrating my core, dulcet kisses into a hypnotic ride…staring in my chatoyant gems…your euphoric high!!!! Tasting the mixture of our eruptive juices, a dessert I’m saving just for you. The power remain in your hands, so much love waiting for you but we keep playing it safe…

Our thoughts have torn us apart into the dreadful proverbial space, hearts caught in a tornado, where we hide…

I’ve opened the road to a new obsession, writing you poetry & love letters. Hoping they reach your heart leading to our final destination, the right path we should have taken. Let our love spiral in our own tornado destroying all doubt…Let’s face this beautiful disaster together…

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