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Trust is Me

You keep wanting me to love blindly… How long do you think love can last one-sided… I loved you through nights when all I wanted to do was take you home… Sharing every bit of me, so you can fully be a part of me… I’ve spoken love notes vibrating through your veins to the cask of your soul… Replacing blood with love…  Love songs that harmonized your most tender blemishes you don’t want nobody to know exist… See, I feel you deeper than anyone who knows you. I’ve seen you naked with clothes on you… I didn’t seek approval because I knew I was the magnetic energy that consumes you…  I was what you needed to get you through the hurdles, the caffeine to your soul…Say-less… I knew when something was off, the universe speaks of you to my heart… Still I chose to feed your mental with books that could manifest future endeavors. Making love to your mental in physical visionary examples… I loved you on days you didn’t feel love existed…  Emotionally feeling you through my pages, between silent winds amongst different moon phases… I’ve fought demons alone,  trying to turn our love into sinister, the holy water I was blessed in rebuked their wicked ministry… I swallowed my pride, throwing my ego aside, to stand against my own words and finally face LOVE… There you stood, speechless as bird, shyly watching with million dollar questions, now gone unanswered… Yes, I’m angry… You had a chance to save my heart from no longer aching…  Again I saved myself… Now I feel I’m just another move in your chess game. You looking like a King and I’m just a pawn feeling your never ending love games… Making me the revenge for your battles, for a love you made a factor… How can I continue to love, when you leave me breathless, wondering, alone with so many words…

I trusted you to protect my feelings, loving you loudly amongst an empty field of lost spirits… Questioning my trust should never come up. I’m the only soul your soul hold, the only one that can handle the bleeding from your burning sword. In the mist of wandering a dark forest, I still remained loyal… Ignoring invites to parties, not respecting who didn’t fit into your loyalty… Giving up opportunities of love. All to have faith in a bond of twin flame love… Trust is me… Even with glasses you still can’t see… #trustisme 💜🏳️‍🌈🙏🏾🧿☀️

All rights reserved by Shana A. ©️


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