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Trust in Me

Trust in Me

I know it’s a fine line with trust,

Even our third eye chakras can be blocked…

Yet, I’ve shown you nothing but consistency in loving you…

Maybe not in the ways your accustomed to,

I can only be me…

Loving you in the mystery of my ocean

In crazy humorous harmonic waves,

I can collapse safely in your arms

Trusting you wholeheartedly, can you do the same?

Misunderstandings is why communication is crucial,

Don’t try to control how I love,

Uniqueness is my specialty,

Incomparable to others you’ve loved…

Communicate to me what burns the core of your soul,

I have many gifts, but mind reading is not one…

Trust me with your deepest thoughts that no one else has visited…

Trust me enough to be ethical to never  deceive you,

Trust me that if you open your heart to me, I won’t shutter what belongs to me…

I won’t tell the secrets we breed

Trust that our communication will only lay between the sheets of us

See, I trust you enough not to screenshot what we discuss…

Trust me open heartedly

Knowing that I love you enough to never hurt you,

I have my days of reflective energy

A human defense mechanism,

My track record is loving too much,

Not being deceitful…

My love, hurting you hurts me

There’s magic in this chemistry,

Which is why you should trust me…

Learning the extent of me

To know when I’m frisky and my levels of feisty,

To know when I’m acting out from missing you,

You should know everything I do is with love,

I’m not perfect, trust me enough to let me be me…loving every part of my craziness… Showing you the best of me…

To my future wife, trust me not to be so shy… #Trustinme 💜🙏🏾💋🏳️‍🌈

All rights reserved by Shana A. ©️

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