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Too Good

I said what I said and it’s the truth… Don’t throw stones you can’t take…A long awaited release…Back to love… 💜🏳️‍🌈🪬🧿👽😄☀️✌🏾 #toogood

Too Good

I been told I’m too good to be true,

Today I’m not the bigger person,

I’m a talk my shit,

Not in hopes to persuade you,

In hopes for you to hear the truth…

I been told I’m outspoken…of course I am, I’m a poet,

I’ve been quiet, I’ve been blind, I’m the threat

Now I’m about to talk big shit in this spoken…

Hardest thing I’ve ever done was love a woman I didn’t like

Defended her narcissistic ways

By holding my battles back from the mic like Ike…

I was’t giving my best to second best

So I minimize my words while I waited for what’s next!!!

In the meantime, they teamed up was hoping I’d lose my page

Not knowing I got connections with God…I’m unfazed…

When I was healing they judged my journey,

The same hypocrites living phony…

The villains in my book are Puppets who got mad I’m whole by myself,

Hoping I need they help

While they set back

Watching me live my life on and off the shelf…

They say…let the past be the past

But I still got weirdos blocking me to talking trash…they never tag me cause they know my pen the baddest…

In groups is where they hide,

Looking at my posts…Buckeyed mad…

I’ve been told I’m too good to be true

I been biting my words without having chewing,

Duality making me perfectly delicious

Here’s more proof of my relentless ambition…

I never gave up

When men hunted,

I kept fighting back

With trolls stalking,

In one disagreement

Fake friends showed their scales

Feeding ugly lies

Growing fungus, sprouting viruses from foul mouths…

Stalking me…the Queen

She made mistakes not seeing,

Now her stomach turnt

I’m too good to be true…whose the fan…

Cracking jokes on thick madams

Hoping to lower my self esteem…

I know I’m the one, you still hoping to be seen…

I won’t show all of my body parts

That’s made for her to devour,

Trying discredit my words

Only liars are cowards…

I’m telling my truth

I’m loyal to the marrow of the bone

So lyrical my words flowing on there own…

Let the truth spill on…

Every woman I was with I was committed

I never cheated

Unbelievable, but I was born to be this regal…

Unlike most Sagittarians

I’m a Devotedly Artistic Lesbian

Raised to be independent by strong black women…

I stuck by my woman side through her darkness

Healed her with my light

To support her by any means necessary…

Yes! I’m too good to be true,

I wrote a book keeping her secrets in the dark

A freak only she knew,

Made her cry with twirls of my tongue…

When our time expired

I used the pain to become a self-made entrepreneur…

Too good to be true,

I’m not just human

I get my power from the sun & the moon

I’m superhuman…

Educated, I know multiple meanings of words,

The daughter of the sun

By myself, I’m getting things done…

No wonder this chick can’t leave me alone

Stuck in hell with a black witch clone…

A puppet to her lies, not knowing what’s going on…

Karma’s her obsession with the failure of blocking my progression…

Narsisstic savage

I’m too good to be true

Too rich, only a Goat last in my queue…

Duality is me

Light & dark in real energy,

Down to earth type chick

Watching seeds sprout my new enchantment

Smoking on the gas I planted…

A realist

With time I’m timeless

With age I’m ageless,

There is no other woman like me

This is facts…this it’s true

Finally talking my shit,

I’m simply too good to be true…

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All rights reserved by Shana A. ©️


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