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To Receive Love

To receive love I had to stop pouring into a love that was breaking my spirit,

In ways I never felt from another being,

Part of the fascination, loving what’s was different… Maybe it’s my felt for loving too deeply, too differently, too quickly in a world that forgot the real meaning of love… Love shouldn’t be suspicious, it shouldn’t need approval for acceptance… It should be loud drowning out silence… It should just be if it’s destined to be, accepting the hearts feelings… To receive love I realize we have to pour into each other’s cup to fulfill love’s rarity in receipt of everything love can bring… Both need to be willing to walk in true love’s transition… Not subject to superficial beliefs, ego’s that can’t speak or the fictitious expectations of what love should be… Love don’t want to go a day without each other, and will do anything to meet each other halfway…

The power of love is healing, not to keep breaking each other spirits, in a world that’s already against us. I need a love comforting and compassionate… Whispering words to feed my mind in positive realms of affection to work within my imperfections as I love the flaws of her, together we become perfect… Where love is blind but not blind to each others feelings… When I’m in pain your my sensual healing, when I need to talk your the ears listening, when I need to laugh your the soul never leaving me alone in jokes enlightening my spirit, when I need a hug in your arms, I’m melting… To receive love I had to open my arms, letting down the bricks I built too tall… Walking in faith that this love will help make us great, keeping smiles upon my face even on rainy days, to receive love I have to let go of everything that can’t fulfill the basic requirements love should bring… 💜

All rights received by Shana A. ©️


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