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Goodnight… Pen flow… #timeless 💜🏳️‍🌈💋😄🫶🏾🥰🧿


Both aging in malolactic fermentation

In galactic stages,

Producing fine wine

Removing shackles that comfort our minds,

I’ll love you forever, but that won’t help us to be together…

Before I could truly love you

I had to heal from my broken story

Together we must step through fire

Spin through the tornado

Be the passion that dance in a spontaneous tango…

I closed old doors for new footsteps to move forward…

I broke down the barriers to stay true to form…

What scares us the most come with great rewards,

Have faith this time will be the stroke past midnight

Falling into my sensuous attack…

Am I writing this in futuristic explores

Predicting in time when my lips heal the frame holding your wine,

Damn baby you still fine,


Is what God granted us,

and it’s time to move forward…letting love move onward…

All rights reserved by Shana A. ©️


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