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Think Whatever

Think Whatever

Eyes closed

8 years old…distressed on the side of the road…Trans am explodes…

I use to care what the vultures thought

Watching waiting

Thinking it was love…

Preying on my weaknesses with no understanding of my journey sent from above…

Tons of fake pages

Because they couldn’t show true love,

Negativity blurred their vision

Instead of feeling the love…

As I became stronger their thoughts of me were no longer,

Think whatever, became the answer… By Shana A. ©️

I have a huge fear of driving because when I was a little girl I was in a car accident that almost killed me and it caused a phobia. Even though I know how to drive that phobia scares me still, so I chose not to drive in order to not kill myself or anyone else. I realized how much driving frightened me even after taking classes. Plus I daydream!

See I can tell my stories but to have other people try to speak on my weaknesses is sickening. I can buy any car I want. I work damn hard… So if you have to look down upon me because I don’t drive well some rich people with millions don’t drive, but guess what I’m not living beyond my means paying for expensive cars I can’t afford, struggling to pay car notes and insurance to say I have a car or only wearing designers clothes but filed bankruptcy, barely can pay the bills. See y’all look at people and assume they got it but they’ll never expose their truth like I can… I get around just the same as everybody else with a car…

If you only want a person because they have a car well you don’t want much and I’m glad not to receive that love… See some rejections are for your protection. Understand everybody is broke until your money work for you… Until you got seven figures plus in your account you’re not rich and even millions can be taken overnight…

I live in my truth and super blessed traveling the world with a beautiful roof over my head, tons of clothes in my wardrobe, a packed refrigerator, bills paid and a secured retirement investments with more to come… No I’m not rich, I’m blessed and if that’s broke in your book, I’m proud being broke…

I don’t look down on people weaknesses to feel empowered. I’m not a perfect person, but I have many many gifts and I am blessed. I’m not rich I work for everything I have and because I’m a loving giving person God continues to bless me.

What need to stop is creating fake pages watching people who blocked you or don’t come around you or even talk to you. How about self evaluation… Stay tuned for Greatness with Greatness tomorrow… Thank God for his protection! I hope this motivates anyone with phobias don’t be ashamed we are human… 💜🙏🏾💪🏾👑


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