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The Fix

There is no greater feeling getting dressed up to meet your favorite person… The preparation of just wanting them to adore you. Planning carefully every detail from head to toe.

The smiles you both yearn for that feels good to your souls. The gentle touches that tingles the body wanting more. The sensation of loving every part me, even in sexless intimacy…

Hearing your voice tingle in my ear, the conversation that leave us laughing perplexed in each other’s philosophy. I know I’m not for everybody, but I am for you…and you love every part me…

A friendship were perfection does need to exist, my mistakes you only see as growth… Intellectual dressed as a boss, that’s the turn on that I want… This preparation makes my day go faster, eager to see your eyes sparkle… Lighting up my soul in a trusted connection. You understand me better than any internet connection… Never assuming, you ask the right questions…a night with you is worth all the preparations….

I love to prepare to meet my favorite person… It makes me feel like a school girl preparing to go to school to see her crush. One thing I hate about social media is people misjudge all the time. They don’t reach out for clarity they take whatever information and automatically assume it’s true. If someone appears standoffish to you, ask yourself how did you approach them. You never know there previous situations or what day their having or if your taking them the wrong way because you don’t know them. Are you only responding through negativity? Ask yourself these questions before you judge them.. Some people especially me is not social media friendly as I am in person. You never know who are beyond these pages. I love that have a group of friends that knew not to listen to information that wasn’t true from people who didn’t even know me. You never know what battles a person is fighting and one thing I’ll never do is support gay people that bash other gay people. Especially, when I have inboxes of hate messages for loving who I love. Stop follow people recruiting people to not like someone. Have you ever talked to that person, have you ever asked for clarity, have you ever engaged with that person and do you respect that person’s opinion because we don’t have to all agree… Stop letting other people block you from potential friendships, business partners and relationships… 💜💜💜 Friday night fun!!!


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