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The Day

The Day

I been drowning in a love that’s wasn’t for me,

Some how your energy seeped into my do not disturb planet,

Now your the morning and evening thoughts of my daily routine…

I’m enthralled every time I see your smile…it’s like I’m on a roller coaster ride… An adrenaline rush within your smile…

I don’t quite understand what’s happening inside,

These feelings I’m feeling

To love you and never touched you

To want the best for you without hearing you…

To want to fulfill your fantasies

To be the one woman who’s enough to enlighten your inner galaxies…

No one can compete with your authenticity

You are perfection…wonderful without guessing…

I want to be as tight as pearls hugging your neck,

A woman you can trust and never second guess…

I can only pray you’ll adore my rare soul…as much as I think you’re the world…

I feel as though we are

Two heartbeats floating on a cloud of one frequency…within one picture I made you a whole verse of relevancy…

I’ve spoken the joy of how my soul feels within your thoughts…

Your the energy I seek everyday,

I want to be immersed in your universe,

I hope within that day you can feel the same,

I don’t want to fall into expectations

I just want to love you without situations…

You feel magical to me

The day I see you will be a milestone for me

Something I’ve been missing, needing

To finally greet what my heart has been wishing…

Only for her… I want to make you smile like you make me smile…💋👑

When the heart just speaks… All gas no smoke, the heart’s joyride… 💜🏳️‍🌈💋☀️ #theday

P.S. My words is my bond…

All rights reserved by Shana A. ©️


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